Show #18 – “Our Favorite Front Man… Jesus The Jedi”

We enjoy more Star Wars News with the release of the Japanese Trailer, and Leo shares his “Planet of The Apes” Twist he is hoping for #jedijesus.  We introduce #podcat to the group, and get into our favorite front men … Continue reading

Show #10 – “Rocky Raccoon”

[podcast title=”Show #10 Rocky Raccoon “][/podcast] Episode #10 finally posted!  The whole Afterburn crew is here along with TJ, Lindsey and Adrian in the TurkeyBucket Gallery!  We discuss many things this episode and of course we offend no less than … Continue reading

Show #8 – “Politically Correct?”

[podcast title=”Show #8 Politically Correct?”][/podcast] Episode 8  We sing a few songs, Discuss the @genosmith7 glass jaw, and weather or not a kicker for a loosing team’s number should ever be retired! @phil_dawson_4  Our first and favorite is Cars we have owned! … Continue reading

Show #7 – “From the Lounge with Fezzy”

[podcast title=”Show #7 From the Lounge with Fezzy”][/podcast] This week we had troubles getting together with everyone so Leo and Kitty sit down and talk with Fez about his musical tastes and all that goes into it.  We discuss American … Continue reading

Show #6 – “Turkeys & Coons & Eagles & Coyotes Oh My!”

[podcast title=”Show #6 Turkeys & Coons & Eagles & Coyotes Oh My!”][/podcast] Welcome to Episode 6! We have a good ole time in Scrish Bar last week talking about reoccurring dreams we have all had growing up, and when we … Continue reading

Show #5 – “Back in Time”

[podcast title=”Afterburn 739 Show #0005 Back in Time!”][/podcast] This week we discuss technology we would take back in time to change the future. We visit coach Wally Backman of the Georgia Peanuts and his tirade after getting thrown out of a … Continue reading

Show #4 – “The Day of the Hippo”

[podcast title=”Afterburn 739 Show #0004 The Day of the Hippo!”][/podcast] In this weeks episode we have Lorain native and our friend John Baumgartner! John is the writer and director of The Asylum Movie San Andreas Quake that we had a viewing party … Continue reading