Show #92 – “Junk Food Confessions”

It’s Friday night in ScrishBar! Kitty drops a few jokes as everyone gets strapped in. Leo start the show… kinda … but first we check in with Kitty the Alleged Racist, and we defend ScrishBar from a racoon. Roy L is in the house and we find that Peanut may be camping at ScrishBar this summer. Kitty shares a story about a raybid racoon. LOM BigDaddyJimmyV joins on Skype and we play a Crappy video that he sent in. Midge announces she got a new job and we start a new game – Guess which job Midge got! Peanut tells us a little story about a new guy at work and sends us into a deep dive into the difference between Midges and Dwarfs. Leo plays a George Washington video sent in by OctopusCaveman to try and reign the show back in, it doesn’t work – before anyone realizes it, we’re Squatty Rolled by MidnightSmoke1. Before taking a break, Leo shares a video of a Grandpa losing his cool at a tool booth.  Returning from break, Kitty brings Junk Food Confessions to the table and we dive right in – Yum! Leo challenges everyone to call 440-941-2675 and leave a #JunkFoodConfession, we’ll read it on the air and send the winner AfterBurn Toast! Next, the Ghost Casey Kasem is summoned and gives a long-distance report from the great beyond. Casey is shown the door and Potatopunches71 joins the show and shares his #JunkFoodConfession – will it end up on the menu of Fez and Peanuts’ Two Fat Guys food truck? The PotatoPunch! Leo plays a voicemail from Leroy (which sounds kind of familiar) and we round out the show with a Turkey Bucket discussion.


“Campfire Hymn #2” Intro by Brod Rob


Big Daddy Jimmy V
The Ghost of Casey Kasem


Cobra = @Cobra6768
Midge = @Midgey7609
Leo = @LeoAfterBurn739
Kitty = @KittyAfterBurn
Fez = @Fez919

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Alternate Show Names

Who Died and Made You Midge?
$5 Hot and Ready
Dwarf or Midget?
Retardus Maximus
I Got a Podcast to do, Bitch!
Squatty Rolled
The Pizza was the Bun!
Junk Food Confessions

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