Show #77 – “Colonel Seagal”

We continue from last week’s episode…

After the break we give a shout out to Cassie from Toe On The Trigger who is leaving the show. It quickly turns into us trying to replace her on Daniels show. We ponder what chicken tastes when it eats things, which causes Leo to remember an old joke. We ask Stormy our February Listener of the Month. if he has any more rishta and he don’t so we just bash Steven Seagal some more, which leads us down a rabbit hole about a band called “Elvis Hitler” We ponder a thing that Mike Jolitz told us not to google Randy West, and apparently he has a small dick (Randy not Mike Jolitz), and yet another rabbit hole. Floyd R Billet sent us a video of a guy who lubes up his keyholes for some reason. Leo looses control while trying to get the next topic up and Midge and Kitty decide to serenade while they wait. Leo found a video of Disney toys in sexual activity. Leo tries to end the show and that don’t go so well. Granny Potty Mouth shows us how to make a gluten free cake for her grandson. And one more time Leo tries to end the show… but Royal calls in really late at night and for some reason we start to bash Mr Seagal all over again! Is third time a charm to end the show? Lets see? Enjoy!!!

“Campfire Hymn #2” Intro by Brod Rob


Uncle Stephen Seagal
Storm Raven
Roy L Wicheez 


Cobra = @cbyron68
Midge = @Midgey7609
Leo = @LeoAfterBurn739
Kitty = @KittyAfterBurn
Fez = @Fez919

Alternate Show Names

Everything Evolutes
It Tastes Like Me
Don’t google Randy West
Cockadile Dundee
Cockadile Dundont
Mice don’t fuck dogs
Et Tu Pluto
Satan Suck a Dick
My Ass is Thor
DoJo of Fatness
Does this Coat make me look fat?
Colonel Seagal

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