Show #61 – “Prehistoric Camelfoot!”

Welcome to Napoli’s Bar! We start out this show quite critical of each other. Kitty shares her Amish word of the day… Rishta is Prepare and Vassevvah is Whatever. We go to voicemails and we get a Racoonku from the Campies. We watch a raccoon video from Tipsy Panda and he’s sweeping the floor. Kitty say’s raccoons are going to be the next gorillas because they have thumbs. Leo shares a dub over of the recent presidential debate where The Donald and Hillary sing to each other that K-Frog sent to us. We have some technical difficulties but we are able to take a call from a new comedian Count DracCoolia! RoylWiCheez joins us for the remainder of the show. Matt from The Mr BS Show sent us new rendition of Alanis Morissette’s “Isn’t it Ironic?”. Our listener of the month That CG Guy Mike Driscoll sent us a video that hit the internet this week of a sweet young lady who had oral surgery that likes big black cock! We go back and talk about our epic weekend with The Mr BS Show. After a long discussion on shaving Cobra we watch another coon video from Amanda Jarus of a raccoon steeling an iPhone. We go back to the voicemail and Mike Jolitz has left us one. Before break we watch the newest Rogue One trailer sent to us by Adrian Chagoya. After break we look at a phone holder that will hold your swan… but its a bit of a weird placement.  We then watch a tribute to The Karate Kid and Leo takes a bunch of abuse for not finishing videos. Then we watch a video from Floyd R Billet, one of our biggest supporters on Twitter, about Africans twerkingLeo tries to end the show too early as usual but there is a mutiny. So instead, we go through all of our inbox. Leo quits for awhile and throws a tantrum and then there is a series of videos we watch that make us giggle.  Aspen sends in a topic of a guy laughing.. Leo tells about Midnight Smoke who thinks there should be a pumpkin spiced douche. We watch the goon suit for drinking in the office from Midnight Smoke. Fez‘s brother sent us a video from Shitty Flute on You Tube, but it didn’t’ work so Fez reenacts it… what do you think? Enjoy!


“Campfire Hymn #2” Intro by Brod Rob

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