Show # 58 – “Balls & Poop Time!”

This episode jumps right in with us wondering what happened to RG III, the Cleveland Browns Quarterback.  Chris Kim @GreenKorean1, and Roy L WiCheez sent us some kick ass mixes… Balls & Poop Time! Kitty and Fez bring desk stress balls to the table.  Mike Driscoll @ThatCGGuy79 is a first time contributor with the video Doll Porn Parody.  We check our voicemail and we have one from Grampa Simpson.  Leo brings a recent viral video that has been going around with an Aussie trying to figure out who is sucking who’s cock?  Leo plays the rewriting of our National Anthem for Colin Kaepernick from South Park.  After break we watch a video of “Cautionary Tales of Swords” form The Epic Film Guys.  Then we go into a first and favorite… Shots! Enjoy!


“Campfire Hymn #2” Intro by Brod Rob

Promo from @TheMrBSShow

Cobra = @cbyron68
Midge = @Midgey7609
Leo = @LeoAfterBurn739
Kitty = @KittyAfterBurn
Fez = @Fez919

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