Show #51 – “Leo and The Four Davids”

We start out with an identity complex problem… “Four Davids and a Leo.” Apparently we are in a #DaveWar with The Dave Podcast. We find Randy Quaid’s Twitter account where he won’t vote for Hillary. We shout out the The Dave Podcast as the #PodernFamily Show of The Week. We watch a much tamer video from Toe on The Trigger. We listen voice mails from our favorite party animal… The Hula Hula Guy and as always, he is GOLD! Fez sent us a video of a guy that dances in a car when his Mom drives him around. Kitty brought a topic from National Geographic about Raccoons hanging out in every urban complex. Then back to Hula Hula. Before break we watch the Lego Batman trailer. After break we watch another video from Pantsless Shorts, “Its’ Stevie.” and then more Hula Hula. We watch another video from Jaboody Dubs“The Shake Weight.” Kitty brings up a topic asking what lessons we have taken. Shout out to Mike Jolitz the July Listener of the Month. Enjoy!




“Campfire Hymn #2” Intro by Brod Rob

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