Show #48 – “Stoner & McBride”

Episode #48… Roy L Wicheez joins us again as we start out this episode listening to Patrick Stewart singing country songs that Leo saw on @midnight which we revisit throughout the show. We couldn’t wait to record to hear the tale of Midge making dinner for Kitty’s parents while Leo and Kitty are out of town. Leo brings a topic about underwear with a filter in them from @EdumacationAndyShreaddies when we get a call from Ole Abe Simpson. Fez shares with us some woman that really wanted chicken nuggets! Olivia Newton Kitty sent us a clip of a reunion between John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. We watch Ralph Garman recite the Green Lantern oath as Donald Trump. Mike Jolitz our July “Listener of the Month” calls in! And while we are talking with him, Big Daddy Jimmy V calls in just to listen live. Jimmy shares with us whats going on at a convention center. Before break Leo shares a trailer for a Documentary “Trans Fatty Lives.”

Coming out of break Leo goes down on Cobra and he likes it. A condom mysteriously shows up from somewhere and we talk about a FrankenGina. Fez sends us a video of a drunk guy trying to ride a bike. Then Jimmy calls back. The show takes a left turn about words we are not allowed to say. And Toe on the Trigger PodCast @ToeOnTheTrigger sent us a very non-politically correct video, and the second video they sent wasn’t any better, but it sure was funny. Leo gives us an update on Kim Davies and her legal troubles. Mike Driscoll @ThatCGGuy79 sends in a fight between Jack Black and RDJ. Leo then derails the show with a story about Fighting and Farting at Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West which leads us into a discussion on a buddy cop movie called Stoner and McBride starring Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith. We shout out Brod Rob for letting us use our intro song, Dawn Miceli & Drew Domkus for getting into the Podcast Hall of Fame, and Ray Rideout JR & CJ Ripka from Raw and Real Podcast for pimping our show.  Enjoy!




“Campfire Hymn #2” Intro by Brod Rob

Guests: Roy L Wicheez = @RoyLWichez

Shout Outs:

Dawn Miceli & Drew Domkus
Ray Rideout JR & CJ Ripka


Cobra = @cbyron68
Midge = @Midgey7609
Leo = @LeoAfterBurn739
Kitty = @KittyAfterBurn
Fez = @cfly919

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