Show #46 – ” #Allin216 “

We start out this show quite hostile!  But We Are The Champions and Cleveland Rocks!  We go in-depth about the NBA Championship! Our June listener of the month Amanda Jarus, gives us feedback that we pronounced her name wrong so we give her some shit.  Big Daddy Jimmy V calls in to let Marin chat with Kitty, but then puts us on hold and we never hear from them again. We watch another Jaboody DubsSlap Chop!  We watch the Trailer for Pete’s Dragon before break. When get back from break more Jaboody DubGranny Panties!  We get some stickers in the Mail Bag from Classy Little Podcast.  We try and figure out what the #BrExit means which leads us to @TheHulaHulaGuy for President 2016!  Cobra reviews some of the #bandnames before the phone rings again.  Skype works but the phone doesn’t… Matt from The MR BS Show calls in and we try to find out what’s up with #FuckRyan.  The raccoon comes back but Adrian is nowhere to be found!  Enjoy!


“Campfire Hymn #2” Intro by Brod Rob


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Midge = @Midgey7609
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