Show # 43 – “One Year Anniversary”

Our one year anniversary show! We are joined by Fuck Dave Meadows, Nancy Lady, T-Bitch, Paul, Rachel and Tina!  Kelso @TheKelso007 or Hector left us a message… WTF? Please call back! The Campis call in to tare down the fourth wall that they are including their young children in the CampiKu segment. Peanut @KnifeBoyMatt sent us a video of a dildo drone where you can have a beer, a burger, and a dildo all at the same time. We get a visit from the kids and we congratulate Midge and Cobra’s spawn Paige on her graduation. We go back to our fans wishing us a happy one year. Chris from Faces and Aces Las Vegas Podcast @FacesAndAcesLV and his new show The Dave Podcast with @OctopusCaveman wish us luck with a great graphic. Then we pick apart @GreenKorean1 and how it sounds like an Urban Dictionary sex position. The Raccoon Hunter sent us a video of a snake that came up through a toilet and bit a guy on the pecker. We return to our voicemail and Mike Jolitz from the Mike the Toilet Show AKA The Mike Jolitz Show wishes us a happy one year. Big Daddy Jimmy V from the “FromEar to Table Podcast” calls in as well! Then one of our favorite callers leaves us a voicemail… The Hula Hula Guy! Things get weird when Kitty goes off the rails with an explanation for “Monkey Shine.” We take a caller before break…. It’s Grampa Simpson! After the break we get another call from Dick Angle our man on the street! Kids Dirty Jokes is still going strong! T-Bitch shares a story from her daughter Amanda about a fire extinguisher debacle. Fuck Dave Meadows shows us a video of the best bird on the planet. Matt from The MR BS Show left us a periscope we listen to before we close out the show… Wait one more topic from Kitty, she was asked by our kids… if she was attracted to a girl what qualities would she look for and she said firm tits and a good personality. Shout out to our 6000 follower Geek Up and Go Podcast, Late Night with Ed Money, #PodernFamily and Little Geek Lost Podcast… Enjoy!



“Campfire Hymn #2” Intro by Brod Rob

Cobra = @cbyron68
Midge = @Midgey7609
Leo = @LeoAfterBurn739
Kitty = @KittyAfterBurn
Fez = @cfly919
Jackie = @Cat_Torrens

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