Show #29 – “Drunken Astrophysicist”

Kitty starts out the show right talking about a 99 million year old hard on! And of course we take it down a rabbit hole. Leo brings a potential story line to the table for Story Breakers, Zombweeds fashioned after a movie Leo saw called Zombeavers. Then we get all sci-ency and talk about weed on meteorites! Then we perform an experiment to see if you can say the word astrophysicist without sounding drunk. We roll through the weeks Hollywood Babble on. Leo wants a live action Laugh Olympics. Before the break we watch Johny Depp play Donald Trump in his life movie “The Art of the Deal” We watch the “Dead Pool Trailer again and then after the break we talk about our first R rated movie we saw. Shout out to The Earth Collective and Leo remembers Scott Sigler’s “The Rookie.”  Don’t forget to get some Whisker Oil From Waffen Der Whiskerroil



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“Campfire Hymn #2” Intro by Brod Rob
“Where is Jackie” Jingle by Connaugh
Promo for The Earth Collective


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