Show #25 – “Holy Croupier”

We missed @cbyron68p, @Midgey7609 and Jackie tonight but Peanut was more than willing to come into Scrish Bar tonight!  (@LeoAfterBurn739) talks about new listeners Omar and Tony from the Trendsetters of Harvey in Chicago, and gives a good shout out to The Epic Film guys who are our promo for the week! Have you ever seen what happens when a Lesbian touches a penis for the first time?  Well check it out below.  Then we go down a rabbit hole no one should ever go down and watch some men on a foreign talk show use their Junk for Balloon Animals in a video Tricks with Dicks!  We watch The Reverent Trailer and go into a full discussion on the silly stuff we will do when we win 1.3 Billion Dollars in the PowerBall This week. Lastly Peanut tries to explain what he does for a living in code!



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