Show #23 – “It’s Xmas… Surprise BJ’s for Everyone!”

We start out by toasting Jackies Birthday! Yay she is in studio with us! We are joined by Peanut, with Toss Pot, Nancy, and Dave Meadows in the Turkeybucket Gallery! We have a promotion for our show @Whiskerroil check them out! Leo gives and update on the great Fanny Debate. In our Muppet’s news section, we discuss how @MissPiggy may or may not have been the latest to come out accusing @BillCosby of in appropriate behaviour. Kitty toatst the Big Oaf Louie that we lost this week. The show has been participating with #podernfamily to help promote ours and other shows out there. From here shit goes really weird with Jackie asking the age old question about same sex oral sex which turns into… is a blow job… a blow job? After the break Kitty has to explain herself,  and oh my in what she confesses to! We finish out the conversation with our favorite Christmas Movies!









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