Show #22 – “Take a Load Off Fanny”

This week are joined by Peanut’s wife Toss Pot! She is from the great country of England! She gives us their version of swear words! Wanker, Bollocks, Shagging, & Moppet. We watch the drum off between Dave Grohl and Animal! Starbucks is back in the #evilnews with their murdered polar bear cookies. The new Batman V Superman trailer is out.

Our guests this week are discussing what they have dabbled in, saxophone, and skydiving. We circle back to Toss Pot explaining that Fanny = Vagina. Which leads into a discussion about the age old question is it “Take a load off Annie” or “Take a load of Fannie?” Leo and Kitty are trying to get @Applebees as a sponsor, no luck yet. Shout Outs go to @98probs, @thecountdownpc, @wikishufflepod, and @openallpowers.

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