Show #120 – “Dude We Play Fart Songs”

Show Notes To Follow

E N J O Y ! ! !

“Campfire Hymn #2” Intro by Brod Rob

Cobra = @Cobra6768
Midge = @Midgey7609
Leo = @LeoAfterBurn739
Kitty = @KittyAfterBurn
Fez = @Fez919


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Alt Show Names

You gotta try this new…
BudEars With Cheeze
Applebees Layover Bar
Bong and A half gallon of ice cream
Kiwi Cappuccino
Subliminal Puddle
Fuck Applebees
Like an old dog turd
Pulling a Spaulding
Fucking Snowballs
Dude we play fart songs
Twat Shaving
Alligator Dark Roast
Backside of a Kuala bear
FFW Fat Fucks of The World
I see trees of blue
Dingo Dark Blend
Ted Nugget
Subliminal Puddle
1 1/4 2
That was absolutely not the end of my story

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