Show #117 – “Man… He Knows His Fart Board!”

Its Friday night in ScrishBar and we’ve got plenty of funny on tap! Strap in and l hang on! Grandpa calls in before the show even starts and we find he is hanging out gettin’ hip (and high) in California. Its Kitty’s birthday and she has a new iPad and a new knee. We’ve been listening to The Native Howl, and you should too! Midges partner in crime, Trixie, is in the house and man can she belch!  We check out some really stupid eyebrows, then Leo plays some new voicemails! First we get a brand new Haiku with You with the Campis … x 2 !! Then a message form the Hula Hula guy! If this wasn’t magical enough, next we start talking about MidnightSmoke and he all of a sudden shows up. Speaking of laughs, we watch a video of creepy Alexa Laughs. Moving on we check out Jack Black Sings the National Anthem at Sparks Game – fantastic! We follow that with the Worst Chewbaca Impression Every – eww – and a creepy Teletubbies video created by OctopusCaveman. Leo gives a shout-out and shares some leather lighter cases from Leather’s Best in North Tonawanda, NY and we get a new addition to the show – Tone Loc is in the house! …no, it’s really Toby. Returning from break we sing Happy Birthday to Kitty, then Midge shares some of her early jobs – she was never a lot lizard. Toby knows his lot lizards, Fez reads The Fart Chart, and Cobra?, man … he knows his fart board! Daniel from Toe on the Trigger sent in a video of a turtle getting busy with a Rollerblade can’t be good. Leo shares a viral photo celebrating International Women’s Day which leads to a special Afterburn discussion on the subject, and Midge has her own opinion on the #MeToo movement – @LouisCK, are you listening?! We check in with MidnightSmoke who is gaming, which of course leads to a Balls-n-Poop segment. Then Groundhogs balls, then John Cusack, then Actor talk, then the Batemans, Then Liam Neason’s dick, then Easy A,  then we blow Toby’s mind. Leo reminds everyone that Afterburn will be going LIVE on May 19 @ 7:30pm to support Live Stream for the Cure. Join us, your $3 may make the difference! We reminisce about @WhyNotCon and Scott M. Hoden‘s documentary film, What is a Podcast? We loop back to Haikus and we learn Trixie is an expert – She can rap Haiku! Leo also circles back to International Women’s day and reminds everyone that Women have told everyone to just FUCK OFF! Next it’s Supper Time with Matty Matheson. Leo warps up his topic with the bug killing salt shot gun – pew pew pew. Toby shouts out his band and asks @MidnightSmoke to be is roadie. We round out the show with an epic Queef-off!!! Enjoy all this ridiculousness!!!



“Campfire Hymn #2” Intro by Brod Rob

Cobra = @Cobra6768
Midge = @Midgey7609
Leo = @LeoAfterBurn739
Kitty = @KittyAfterBurn
Fez = @Fez919

@RoyLWicheez  @ from the  Toby and Trixie!

Live Stream For The Cause = Live Stream For The Cure

Alt Show Names

  • Kitty Didn’t give a Fuck Tonight
  • Man He Knows his Fart Board
  • Houdini w/Cheese
  • Trixie w/Cheese
  • Ball Fro Halo
  • Nickle-tip
  • Every Beer is an Emotional Support Beer
  • Turtle Dick
  • #NativeHowl
  • I’ll Limp Give me The iPad
  • Mixie and Trixie
  • All Scrawny and Naked
  • Midnight Roadie
  • Aquatic Queef
  • Queef w/Cheese
  • Sleepy Queef
  • I’ve Never Seen a Turtle Dick Before
  • Pullin’ a Jolitz
  • I Shit on My Balls
  • Afterburn 575
  • Everyone Can Go Fuck Themselves
  • My Name is Toby

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