Show #112 “Roofies & Puddin’ Pods”

We Its Friday night in ScrishBar! Strap in and join us for a kick-ass evening! Leo starts us off with intros…but hold on…Midge wants everyone to know that Journey and Def Leppard are touring. Everyone thinks Arnel Pineda is good AF … and Asian AF. Leo thinks everyone is just F*&%ing with him so we take a Journey detour.  Back to the intros… the regular crew is in the house, Roy L joins the table and Big Daddy Jimmy V Skypes in – all at the same time.  Jimmy’s wondering what President Trump is ordering these days at the drive thru and Leo reveals we have a special recording of it.  Back to the intros… with Cobra who believes the Mexican Hat dance never gets old. Leo shows everyone the new Afterburn Twitter Moments.  Want to see what we are talking about or share something with us? – Check it out for future show momentsJimmy wishes everyone a happy new year and we recall his NYE shout out on Hollywood Babble OnJimmy mentions that he will soon have Mr Kevin Smith on Delete Before Listening, we think its a great opportunity for him to write a little ditty or maybe start a bingo game. We practice our StormRaven impressions and then take a skype call all the way from Australia with Gareth and Bex from Gareth’s Random Ramblings Podcast. Tonight they want to hang out and drop some jokes in ScrishBar. We dive into whether or not Amazon is in the Amazon, Twinkies and difference between Marmite and Vegemite. Leo kicks of a Balls N Poop segment, but first Midgie gets a little salty over jingle credit – are things getting weird with Afterburn? It’s tough to be the Millie Vanilli of podcasting. Kitty picks up the poop segment with her poop story about picking up poop and an impromptu high colonic and haircut for Maxx, the SrishBar CockaPOO. WAIT! Maxx got a Maxcolonic before Midge?!? WTF! Can we take a break?


#PussyPussyPussy takes us into break and Gareth and Bex entertain everyone with a little stand up at virtual ScrishBar

Coming back from break, everyone has a joke to tell but the sad new is Fez didn’t make it back. We think there was an Uber Eats emergency. Gareth shares the list of things he’s trying when they come to America – If you’re homeless you should hide your hat, especially in Alaska. Want to give your support to the Afterburn739 podcast? Then go start a GoFundMe for us already DAMNIT!!!  Jimmy supports the show tonight with a parody,  a brilliant Little Diddy ’bout Cobra & Midge. This takes us right up to the closing song, but of course it didn’t take. Uncle Cobra has a PSA about Tide Pods: Don’t be morons! Stop eating Tide Pods! Unless…things would be cleaner… and smell better. Maybe we should rethink these tide pods, maybe a superhero, maybe a little puddin’, maybe a few roofies. It turns out we didn’t need Fez and since the first attempt to close the show didn’t work, Leo plays a few voicemails. One from Morgan Freeman who is going to be visiting Ohio soon and Casey Kasem who gives us a report form beyond. Leo tries once more to send the show home and this time it works. Goodnight everybody and ENJOY !

“Campfire Hymn #2” Intro by Brod Rob

Cobra = @Cobra6768
Midge = @Midgey7609
Leo = @LeoAfterBurn739
Kitty = @KittyAfterBurn
Fez = @Fez919


Alt Show Names
He Doesn’t Have a Tail, Just a Nub
Podcast sans-Fez
Little Daddy Jimmy V
Bingo Daddy Jimmy V
Asian AF
Mexican Hat Dance Never Gets Old Kitty
Do They Have Amazon in the Amazon
The Milli Vanille of Podcasting
It’s Not My Poop
Shittin’ in a Homeless Guy’s Hat
Last Train to Panda
Little Diddy ’bout Cobra and Midge

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