Show #111 – “Pew.. Pew… Laser Tag!”

We start out this episode with Matt form The Mr BS Show on the Skype and he informs us they will be coming to Cleveland for 4/20 celebrations and then he quickly goes to bed. Leo tries to show the crew a video of a new trend in manicure art with a fake zit on a fingernail but they are not having it. We watch Kalen as he looks at some ladies making Mac and Cheese and he thinks it’s Boujee! Mike Jolitz calls so we listen to his Episode #26 Fake News. He has to go back to work so he is just going to hang out and listen. O/C sent us an advertisement for a lawyer… “Ho Ho Ho Don’t Blow Blow Blow.” We watch a video of some silly foreign people playing sledge hammer roulette on an iced over pond. Because Mike Jolitz is at work and just listening, we are debating what his actual job is. This takes us down a massive tunnel of rabbit holes. Kitty decides to tell us a twat story, something new on AfterBurn. After break Midge and Kitty decide to chime in on the #MeToo movement and they are not buying it… this leads to Kitty singing us a Bull Dog Song. Cobra has us play a Bruce Lee clip where he is fighting with Light Sabers. We listen in on a story where a man was charged with killing his girlfriend using only his penis. We like penguins… we like everything about them… the way they jump, the way they poop, and the way they march. We revisit the Tinder profiles from last week and there are some scary ones this time. We listen to a potential Audio Daily Double, but we tell you what it is so that don’t work. Toe on the Trigger shared a video that tells us the president made it OK for the news to say the word “shithole.” Leo shares with the group that someone wants to advertise on our website… and again rabbit hole ensues. Midge sent us a video of a woman who made a creepy silence of the Lamb video. Jolitz is on break so we talk to him for awhile and then we watch a video that Royl sent us about the “Flatulant Backfire”, a Fart Car! Leo looks in the inbox for a file from Mike, but he finds gold in sound clips of our show. Enjoy!

Listen to “The Mike Jolitz Vlogcast 26 Fake news Special” on Spreaker.


Matt from The MR BS Show
Mike Jolitz from The Mike Jolitz Show


Cobra = @Cobra6768
Midge = @Midgey7609
Leo = @LeoAfterBurn739
Kitty = @KittyAfterBurn
Fez = @Fez919

Alternate Show Names

Pew Pew Laser Tag
Boujee Twat
Ho Ho Ho don’t blow blow blow
Woman Chokes while giving BJ
Wilson Driscoll
Why does Michael Keaton suck so bad
Whatever cancer
Say No No To The Po Po
Vaseline everywhere
Soft Core Alien Porn
Saber Chucks
Jolitz not Driscoll
All Cords Matter
A.L.F. Sex
Fidgiting Kitty
Twat Story
Bull Dog Man

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