Show #11 – “The Last Hurrah”

[podcast title=”Show #11 The Last Hurrah”][/podcast]

Welcome to Jackie’s Last Hurrah (We will see about that)… We are celebrating Cobra and Midge not killing each other in the last 20 years this week! In #shoutouts we discuss the #podcastroulette shows this week!  @EdMoneyLive is the show Cobra and Midge are on and occasionally Leo and Kitty!  @thedrunkendork is one of our new favorite podcasts… These guys are super dorks and discuss comics, movies and pop culture like no other!  @podcastxroads is a great source of knowledge for all podcasters new and old!  @TheCSPod (The Chicken Social)… Boy do these guys know music! Leo and Kitty’s daughter and niece are new podcasters over at @phantasticmisft where they discuss Dan and Phil, the famous British Youtubers!  And last but not least @tnbpod gave us some good advice about microphone proximity and how loud to laugh.

Not sure why but we talk about tennis for a bit.  We establish that Leo is the dumbest one on our show (thanks guys).  If anyone can figure out what Star Wars Reference Kitty dropped in this episode tweet us and we will send you something from  Scrish Bar as a prize.  We update what happened after the microphones when off after Episode #10.. Someone got bit by a raccoon, and 4 people got naked!








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