Show #105 – “Do Planes Have Horns?”

Episode 105… We are back from #Philly739 on Veterans Day! We wish Midge a happy birthday to start out the show with “Gas Station Gifts,” but this time we went to the Dollar Store. We listen to the shout out from Hollywood Babble-On 297 for the show that Storm Raven, Midnight Smoke, Big Daddy Jimmy V, and Mike Driscoll went to that was before our show. Mike Driscoll takes some shit for his lame name and Steve shares our following of the #WhyNot philosophy that Kevin Smith speaks about. We talk a bit about our ride back from Philly when we see a Christmas Dragon on a billboard for Dutch Wonderland… Its right about this point that the wheels fall off. Leo reigns it back in with a story about farting in an elevator. Kitty takes a moment to thank the veterans on this Veterans Day weekend. We watch a very smart lady explain why she thinks dogs don’t have brains. We are joined on Skype by Big Daddy Jimmy V and we discuss his new ink he got in Philly and the wheels come off again. So we watch a video Royal sent in about a real life Bable Fish. Herbert Bocean’ed Li’l Spoon and then we take a much needed break. Coming back from break Kitty shares something she’s proud of and of course we find a way to make it funny. We watch a few older videos of Mr. Deity episode 1, “Mr Deity and the Evil” and episode 3, “Mr Deity and the Light.”  Leo goes on a rant about shuttle buses without drivers. We take a look at some of our merch that can be found here … We do a shot and wonder how high Cobra was…. Leo asks if anyone wants to buy a keg of ranch dressing… which had Leo doing math not just for ranch, but also for Titos. Cobra sent in an article where people are taking human turds and turning them into charcoal. Leo tries to end the show but Cobra ain’t having it… Fez wants to watch the tondemCobra tells us about an article he read about Uber getting Flying cars… FlUber. The wheels come off when Cobra wonders if planes have horns!!! Enjoy!


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Leo = @LeoAfterBurn739
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Alternate Show Names

Hashtag that shit right now
We’re Like Lenon and McCartney
I think we shoudl do a fucking show
Dog Wiener Red
Quazy Kitty
It Smelt Like Ass
Turd Smoke Ring
Farting in an elevator
You need one of those in the rape van
Use it before its turnt
Fresh out of Pedophiles
Rudolf with your turd so bright

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