Show #104 – “Lucky Pierre… #Philly739”

We are in Philly with Jimmy, Steve, and the entire Afterburn crew!! Midge starts us out with an inspired reading about giving fucks… We have some technical difficulties, but get through them pretty quickly… We talk about the Hollywood Babble-On from the night before at The Punch Line in Philly and all our daytime shenanigans. Before our first break, we watch the new Star Wars Trailer. We come back from break talking about our Philly Cheese Steaks we had at Rotten Ralph’s… and go into some shout outs for the hotel staff before toasting Lucky Pierre and Stormy. Leo brings up the “Ten Little Indians” story from Episode 103 and plays the trailer for the movie from 1974. Leo shares a twitter feed that he found this week about two women heading across the country to bust their husbands for cheating on them…with each other. We talk a little bit about our day in Philly: Jimmy got a tattoo from Murt at Classic Tattoo… We visited the Rocky Statue… and drove by the Liberty Bell. Getting into some topics… We watch a goal tender that appears to have had a stroke. A man dressed as a Jedi attacked a man dressed as Jesus. Kitty and Leo share a video that Raeann and her group made for a 48 hour horror film festival, “The Legend of Scoophand.” We wrap up the show discussing new beer that you can buy in Ohio that is 28% ABV and end with a swan biting a window. Enjoy!!!



Big Daddy Jimmy V
Midnight Smoke A.K.A. Lil’ Spoon


Cobra = @Cobra6768
Midge = @Midgey7609
Leo = @LeoAfterBurn739
Kitty = @KittyAfterBurn
Fez = @Fez919

Alternate Show Names

Midgey in The Middle
Christmas Cattle
38 or 928
Apple Stash
BOGO Colonic
Cobra Google
Not a Real Church
Fezzy Bin Ladin
Angry Red Dragon
Box Blocker
Let Freedom Ring Mother Fucker
Kitty Waze
Check out the big brain on little spoon
The Kitty and Spoon Show
Good Bye My Little Fuck
Donald Duck was a Nazi
Midge has to pee no time for history
Ryan was a bitch
Hi Ho!
Pass the Chex Mix
Condom Capital of the World
Coat Tail Centipede
Whory Bride Cake
Jar of Poo
I’m too sober
You UnCultured Fucks You
Hey its Cobra Turn Right Fuckwad
Steve 3 PO
French Sandwich

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