Show # 118 – “Random Button Friday!”

Pre-show we are joined by Matt from The Mr BS Show. He leaves just before the song… good night Matt! This is our Saint Patty’s Day Eve episode and Royal wafts in just before the song. Cobra informs us that the Friday before St Patty’s day is Random Button Friday!!! We think he is just being lazy! We watch as a ski lift appears to be possessed by the devil. How fast can you eat cotton candy? This chick might be the fastest. Lorena Dern says pew pew when shooting her blaster in Star Wars. We check out a UFC weigh-in where a guy “pants” his opponent. The weather comes up and apparently Leo fell asleep when they talked about March coming in like a lion and out like a lamb back in elementary school. A rabbit hole ensures when we ask our listeners to describe our Cobrasutra’s. Cobra shares a video about people who smoke and Tyrone, he won’t have it! Is it illegal to drunk drive on a sky lift? This guy don’t think so! We watch a news story about a tick that could even turn Cobra into a vegetarian, it makes us ponder what stink bugs are. We travel in time and tell how good of a time we had when The Mr BS Show came to town in 3 weeks. Cobra wants a blow up bar… another kick starter? This seems like a good time to take a break!  Coming back from break we debate whether Cobra is an idiot or a genius for Random Button Friday! Foo Fighters are doing some kick ass mashups of Beetles and Van Halen these days. StormRaven shared with us dubs over faith healers with wrestling announcers, Street Fighter video game, Star Wars Jedi fight, and thrash metal Let The Bodies Hit The Floor. Floyd R Billet sent a story about stripper on a horse in a strip club and back to Fucking Dave Meadows with Little Debbie spoofs. Apparently Richard Pryor would fuck anything and nobody told us. We say goodbye to Steven Hocking and make fun of what would it be like if he got to heaven and he was still disabled. We close out the show with some How High Were You? Enjoy!

“Campfire Hymn #2” Intro by Brod Rob

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Alt Show Names

Vapor With Cheese
Wafter With Cheese
Disinterested Leo
I really want to smoke I just don’t want to get addicted
Sprecken the same lingidy
DJ Cobra
You done with that picture Ansle Adams
Rainbow of Roaches
Chinese Dinosaurs
Random with Cheese
Random Button Friday
Irish Taco
Scrish Pub
Human Submarine
Random Button 739
Driving down the road in a sky jack drinking beer
Fuck you very much Leo
Hefe Phone
Segway to nothing

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