Bonus Episode! “92… 93… Whatever?”

Production Note: In Episode 92, we cleaned A LOT of topics out of the inbox. Unfortunately, we had so much funny, we left some out of the final edit. But now, using parts of 93, we have bought the 2nd half of 92 back to life. So much fun we didn’t even take a break. Enjoy!

We start off the viewing a small video from Daniel at Toe on the Trigger – is it a midget-dwarf or a dwarf-midget? Next Leo and Kitty share their memories of a Buffalo Bills game where they wondered what would happen if a blimp crashed – Recently at the US Open it happend! Kitty takes a minute for a Potty PSA and then we move on to DingleBEARies sent in by Mike Jolitz –  do they come in packs or pecks? A Murder Most Foul sent in a video A Day with Mom by Brandon Rogers. and we listen to a G in his 70s rap about his best bitch – sent in by Mega listener Floyd R Billet. Next we take a moment to pay tribute to Adam West and view the recent Lighting of the Bat Signal in LA. Jimmy shares more about Adam West and Ralph Garman. Gene Simmons is trying to trademark the devil hands gesture, but kinda get’s it wrong. For the BallsNPoop part of the show we dive into the story of a man who had 28 pounds of poop removed! AND more YouTube links from Floyd R Billet! We re-visit Parodies by Oscar and say good bye to June LOM BigDaddyJimmyV! May LOM and LOY, Matt sends us a Cholo Video – what’s a Cholo? We finish out the show with a voicemail from Leroy and a Turkey Bucket discussion that seem vaguely familiar. Enjoy!!!


“Campfire Hymn #2” Intro by Brod Rob




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