Show #5 – “Back in Time”

[podcast title=”Afterburn 739 Show #0005 Back in Time!”][/podcast]

This week we discuss technology we would take back in time to change the future. We visit coach Wally Backman of the Georgia Peanuts and his tirade after getting thrown out of a minor league baseball game (they would not let me embed the video so here is the link. We move into a discussion about Area 51, and the show the Astronaut Wives Club and if it is a drama, a reality show or a documentary. We decide we are all supportive of The Hulkster till we hear more evidence, and come up with a theory that it is all a ploy to have him come back and wrestle in the next Wrestle Mania. Performing a scientific study we determine that all women will vote for Donald Trump if the election was held today, and all men would not! Unless they knew 10 facts about Trump in which case 1 in 3 would change their vote to a vote for trump. Leo talks about #podcastroulette where he shouts out to @98Probs, @TheNakedPorch, @SKIMPod, @StoryBreakers, and @TheCuriousCPL.












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