#119 Teaser – Show Names

Show 119 Teaser – Show Names

RoyL’s Brother with cheese
Halle Berry’s Mum
Its your Fucking Break Music
Trouble With Tribbles
Trouble With Gerbils
Coffee With Hallie Berry’s
Soup With Sandra Bullock
Split a Bowl of Butter With You
Corn hole Split
1.5 Legs 2 Armpits and a Twat
Homer and the Gnomes
Black Spider-man / Dark Web
Suck on that Captain Kirk
Brother With Cheese
Absent With Cheese
Curly Fries With Cheese
The Burger Part of the Cow
Slaughterhouse / Bakery
Splicer With Cheese
SkyNet With Cheese
Tribbles & Rubber sheets
Puppermaster With Cheese
Missing With Cheese
Contributor With Cheese
Cobra Sutra: The Duffel Bag
Cobra Sutra: The Slimy Taco

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